Saber Cut Adapter- (DW 30A)



Saber Cut Adapter- (DW 30A) ADAPTER ONLY!

The ultra-thin and super tough SABER-CUT plowing system is engineered for outstanding performance and economy. its ultra-thin profile makes it the finest turf cutting plowing blade on the market today. it is the contractor’s solution to minimal lawn distrubance at a very economical cost. SABER-CUT‘s design concept centers around a heavy duty adapter plate and high quality, low cost disposible plowing blade. SABER-CUT blades are manufactured from premium heat-treated abrasive resistant alloy steel **They are 70% tougher the T1 steel** In addition, each SABER-CUT blade is supplied with proprietary alloy steel bushing and carbide tipped reamer for longer service life.


NOTICE: SABER-CUT plowing blades are manufactured from the highest quality steel and have outstanding plowing performance under normal conditions. However, due to their thin cross section and underground use, they are not warranted against bending or breakage.