Vibratory Plowing Blades & Accessories

Vibratory Plowing Blade Material: All Triple D vibratory plowing blades are manufactured from domestically produced Armor Steel Plate. Our plowing blade material is “Thru-hardened” and is guaranteed to be as hard in the center as at the surface.

Vibratory Plowing Blade Bullets: Except as noted, all pulling blades feature a precision machined alloy steel bushing welded to the bottom of the blade and accept five (5) carbide tipped interchangeable reamer/bullet diameters and threaded Lost-motion devices for fast assembly and disassembly.

Vibratory Plowing Blade Lost Motion Assemblies: The purpose of a lost-motion assembly is to isolate pipe, cable and their gripping devices from the reciprocating motion of a plowing blade. Since most vibratory plows vibrate at the rate of 2,000 strokes per minute, directly connecting pipe or cable, and their gripping device, to a plowing blade would cause premature failure.