Our Company

Terra-BoreTerra-Bore is a retailer of underground construction tooling and equipment that is manufactured in the USA or Canada. We represent tooling products in three primary categories – HDD drilling, Compaction Boring and Vibratory Plowing. Our company supplies underground construction tooling to Irrigation, Electric, Plumbing, Cable, Gas and General Utility contractors. Only high-quality products designed for durability, performance and value are sourced and sold.

When it comes to your underground construction requirements, we understand that durability and efficiency are key. Our HDD Pilot Bits and Plowing Blades are manufactured in the USA from steel Armor Plate, developed for its high tensile and yield strength and its anti-wear characteristics. Our HDD Rock Bits, Compaction Boring Bits & Reamers, Housings, Lead Rods, Crossovers, Drive Collars, Drive Chucks, Drill Rods, Swivels and many other products are made in the USA from American-produced chrome-moly or nickel-chrome alloy steels, for a long-lasting, tougher product.