TURF SHARK Plowing Blades - TSDW Series

Triple D’s TURF-SHARK is a premium type plowing blade designed to plow through small tree/shrub roots with amazing ease and minimal turf disturbance. These blades are manufactured fromĀ  armor steel plate and also feature our proprietary B-150 bushing and C-150 reamer – all at competitive pricing.

Available for Ditch Witch 255SX,350SX,400SX and 410SX machines.

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  • Hard Ground Toe Option W/ Rear Lug (Exchange) – HGT-100X

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  • Hard Ground Toe Option W/Lug & 2″ Bullet ( Exchange) – HGT-200X

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  • Turf Shark Plowing Blade – 10″ Plow Depth – TSDW 30-10C

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  • Turf Shark Plowing Blade – 12″ Plow Depth – TSDW 30-12C

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