5000 Series HDD Swivels

The purpose of using a HDD Swivel in a drill string, is to protect the Utility (Product) being pulled from the drill rig’s rotational torque.

All Triple D 5000 Series HDD Swivels are machined, in-house, from heat treated chrome-moly alloy steel for superior strength and durability (150,000 psi tensile strength), and use stacked angular contact bearings to handle the high axial and radial loads of a drill rig. Double-lip seals and a recessed grease fitting are used to protect the bearings from outside contamination.

The ultimate load rating for 5000 Series swivels is five times Working Load (5:1) straight tension load only.

NOTE: Proper swivel lubrication requires a calcium sulfonate complex based grease with EP additives.

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