Grip Range 0.75″ – 1.25″ Double Weave – A-20


Grip Range 0.75″ – 1.25″ Dopuble Weave – A-20


Grip Range¬†¬† 0.75″ – 1.25″ Dopuble Weave – A-20

Working Load, 2.000#

Pulling grips are fabricated of Hi-Fatigue Aircraft Strand plastic coated steel cable. Continuous fabrication of grip from receiving end through entire mesh-including eye- provides a flexible stress relieving pulling eye. All strands are plastic coated, which increases the life of the grip, provides a bearing surface on underground pulls, and increases the ease and safety of installation and removal for workmen.

NOTE: When used without a “Lost Motion” device and trailing bullet, service life is significantly reduced.