Mesh Swivel Eye Grips

Note: The rotating eye is not a ball bearing type swivel and will not turn under pulling tension. It will only turn to relieve pulling torque when the pulling tension is released. If a constant swivel action is needed during a pull, use a properly sized ball bearing swivel ahead of the grip.

Weave patterns and working loads are as follows:

  • S75-99      2,200 lbs.    Double weave
  • S100-124  4,400 lbs.    Double weave
  • S125-149  4,400 lbs.    Double weave
  • S150-199  5,500 lbs.    Double weave
  • S200-249  9,000 lbs.    Double weave
  • S250-299  11,000 lbs.  Double weave
  • S300-349  13,600 lbs.  Double weave
  • S350-399  16,000 lbs.  Double weave
  • S400-449  16,000 lbs.  Double weave

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