Vermeer Side Load Transmitter Housing–3.25″ DIA., 2.375″ REG (BxB) – 260038010


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Vermeer Side Load Transmitter Housing- 3.25″ Dia., 2.375″ REG (BxB)- 260038010

Fits Drill Rigs 24×40 thru 40×40

High-Strength, High-Flow (Box X Box) transmitter housings are manufactured from a single billet of 4142 heat treated chrome-moly steel with a tensile strength of150,000 psi. These housings are designed for use with Dirt Bit Subs, Rock Bits, Cobble Bits, Tri-cone Bits and Mud Motors. Key features include:

  1. Double locking door
  2. Sealed transmitter slots
  3. Hi-Flow, Twin Fluid Ports
  4. Replaceable Tail Pieces