Hard Facing Option – HF-1


Double The Service Life Of Your New Plowing Blade

Tank Tough 
Even though high quality abrasion resistant steel is used in the manufacture of all Triple D plowing blades, they eventually wear out from the abrasive action of plowing. There is however, an optional hard-facing process that can retard abrasion and extend blade service life. We can apply this optional process to your new plowing blade.

Using special hard-facing welding rods, we apply a basket-weave pattern of weld to the bottom half of the plowing blade’s sides. The basket-weave pattern is one of the best low-cost methods available that is used to extend blade service life. In addition to the hard-facing material itself protecting the blade, the basket-weave pattern captures and holds soil to the sides of the blade for additional protection from abrasion.

When selecting this hard-facing option, add 25% to the list price and the suffix “HF-1” to the blade model number (i.e. DW30-12C HF-1).

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